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Sarajevo Town Hall Meeting


On 26th of April 2017, the Visegrad School of Political Studies and Transparency International in Bosnia and Herzegovina jointly organized the round table „Transparency and accountability as mechanism of anti-corruption activities” in Sarajevo as a part of the Western Balkans Anti-corruption Forum. 50 representatives of NGO, public administration and social activists discussed main issues [...]

Sarajevo Town Hall Meeting2017-07-27T14:25:34+02:00

Skopje Town Hall Meeting


The Town Hall Meeting in Skopje on April 4th, organized in cooperation with the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis”, presented the key issues hindering Macedonians’ citizens successful fight against corruption. The first panel chaired by Senior Researcher at the Center for Research at the Institute for Democracy “Societas Civilis” highlighted the points of view of citizens [...]

Skopje Town Hall Meeting2017-07-27T14:00:12+02:00

First meeting of VSPS Meets Russia


The first meeting of this year's VSPS Meets Russia edition was successfully held on  20 - 24 March 2017. 5 Russian participants from Arkhangelsk, Moscow, Novosibirsk and Voronezh attended the Spring School of Diplomatic Skills (SDS) organized by the European Academy of Diplomacy. During the 5 - day program they took part in workshops covering: [...]

First meeting of VSPS Meets Russia2017-04-12T14:51:36+02:00

Tirana Town Hall Meeting


On 17th of March, the European Academy of Diplomacy and Shkolla Shqiptare e Studimeve Politike held a town hall meeting in Tirana, Albania, with over 40 participants from different fields and backgrounds (politicians, public administration officers, NGO experts). The first part was chaired by the National Coordinator Against Corruption who discussed the strategy of [...]

Tirana Town Hall Meeting2017-03-21T11:36:56+02:00

VSPS Meets Russia 2017


The 2017 edition of the VSPS Meets Russia initiative will begin in March. Five participants will attend the Spring School of Diplomatic Skills on 20 - 24 March along with colleagues from over 10 other countries. During the course of the week, the group will focus on developing their communication skills in the following [...]

VSPS Meets Russia 20172017-04-12T14:00:18+02:00

Start of Town Hall Meetings in the Western Balkans


The Western Balkans Anti-corruption Forum, which began with two sessions in Belgrade and Warsaw and then with Town Hall Meeting in Podgorica is entering the final stage of the program. In collaboration with partners from Western Balkans, the series of Town Hall Meetings is organized in each of the Western Balkans capitals, where public administrations representatives and NGOs [...]

Start of Town Hall Meetings in the Western Balkans2017-03-16T15:06:57+02:00

Other side of the fence! First Critical Thinking on Migration Workshops


The referendum held in 2nd October 2016 was the first referendum since 1989 regarding the vote of the resettlement of refugees, suffrage extended to Hungarian citizens who do not have a permanent residence in Hungary. An overwhelming 99% of Hungarians in Transylvania did vote NO to the resettlement of refugees. Looking on these numbers [...]

Other side of the fence! First Critical Thinking on Migration Workshops2017-03-16T15:13:51+02:00

Critical Thinking on Migration Workshops


From February until June 2017, the 16 participants of the VSPS Migration Program will conduct meetings in secondary schools in their home countries: Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The series of courses, titled "Critical Thinking on Migration Workshops", is a result of the preparatory sessions in Warsaw, Strasbourg and Cracow.  The participants attended [...]

Critical Thinking on Migration Workshops2018-03-12T12:27:31+02:00

Conference: The EU Migration & Refugee Crisis


On 14th of January 2017 the Visegrad School of Political Studies, the European Academy of Diplomacy and Robert Bosch Stiftung organized, in cooperation with Jagiellonian University, international conference „The EU Migration & Refugee Crisis” which gathered more than 200 young leaders, representatives of media and academia. During 3 panels, participants had opportunity to discuss main [...]

Conference: The EU Migration & Refugee Crisis2017-03-16T15:24:23+02:00

VSPS Migration Program in Warsaw and Strasbourg


The VSPS Migration Program was launched with 2 session in Warsaw and Strasbourg. On 3 - 6 November the participants met for the first time during a family dinner and a home cooked Chechen meal. The delicious food was accompanying a discussion on the life of migrants in Poland, lead by Elsi Adajew from Sintar Foundation. [...]

VSPS Migration Program in Warsaw and Strasbourg2017-01-10T11:48:47+02:00