Video Contest for High School Students - Visegrad School of Political Studies

Video Contest for High School Students

Video Contest for High School Students2018-06-06T14:38:56+00:00


In three minutes or less,

introduce your country to peers from the V4!

Submit your best video and win a Casimir Pulaski scholarship for participation in our flagship and diplomatic annual program

Academy of Young Diplomats!

More information about our programs available here: 

Video Submission

Applicants are required to create a max. three-minute video. Using a webcam, cell phone or video camera, and answer to the following points:

●        Introduce your country to peers from the V4;

●        Show ability to capture and engage the audience;

●        Show great interpersonal skills;

●        Show the ability to speak with clarity, brevity, and structure.

A strong video takes time and practice, so please plan accordingly.

We will not consider complex editing skills, visual effects or other elaborate elements. Your video should feature you and your ideas.

Please upload your video on video hosting websites such as YouTube, DropBox or Wetransfer. Please save the video using your full name and adjust the privacy settings so that only those with the URL or specific links are able to view the video. For YouTube video, please do not make your video private as we will not be able to access or view it.

Please UPLOAD your video below until 30 June 2018.

Please UPLOAD your VIDEO below:
I agree to process my personal data (including: image recorded in the photograph/video, name and surname, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, citizenship, address of residence, data on education, professional experience data, data concerning language skills) by the European Academy of Diplomacy with headquarters in Warsaw, address: ul. Oleandrów 6, 00-629 Warsaw, KRS: 0000289736, in order to take part in the Video Contest. The above consent is expressed voluntarily and can be withdrawn at any time.