The Visegrád School of Political Studies

The VSPS is a joint project of the European Academy of Diplomacy and the Council of Europe that brings together young politicians, civil society activists, journalists and civil servants from the countries of the Visegrád Group – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland & Slovakia – for seminars to help increase involvement in the democratic processes, foster exchange of know-how and strengthen regional cooperation among a new generation of Central European “movers and shakers”. The School meets also in broader regional formats, hosting young leaders from Eastern Partnership, Western Balkans and Russia.

The goal of the program is to develop participants’ ability to identify and solve the complex challenges facing their societies and enhance capacity to shape and strengthen the democratic processes in their respective countries. The School provides participants with the opportunity to establish a regional network of like-minded leaders, ready to take on greater responsibility for a more mature political culture in Europe and stronger leadership within the European Union. The program supports the Council of Europe mission of reinforcing democracy, human rights and rule of law on the European continent.

As the 19th member of the Council of Europe’s Schools of Political Studies network, the Visegrád School benefits from the sharing of vast knowledge, experience and know-how from the other 21 schools in the network and look to expand and share Poland’s unique transformational experience to partner schools in the Eastern Partnership, Western Balkans, the Middle East and North Africa.

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