Project Description

The 2018 program entitled the Transatlantic – Russia Civic Workshops were designed to support and strengthen civil society, bridge the U.S.-Russia-Visegrad cooperation and promote collaborative projects between participating countries. All participants, including social and civil campaigners and representatives of NGO sector, built their personal and organizational capacity, increase their outreach and effectiveness as civic activists working within their communities, as well as integrate with a larger network of like-minded leaders. Over 3 editions the program gathered 54 civic activists from the United States, the Russian Federation and Central Europe (Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia), who gained practical skills, exchange experience, broaden the network and build long-lasting networks. The editions took place in three different Visegrad capitals (Warsaw, Prague and Budapest), which was enable to broaden the experience-sharing by presenting three countries’ various perspectives. Through practical workshops, discussions and simulations, the participants were equipped with a tool kit necessary for their everyday work in civil society organizations. The majority of participants found the information relevant to their work.