Project Description

The 2018 VSPS Annual Program „Perceptions of migration in the Visegrad Group” (VSPS Migration Program) is designed to influence and shape the public debate on migration in Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. During 4 sessions, the program takes 20 young leaders to 4 cities in 3 countries, where they will attend workshops, discussions and meetings covering different aspects of migration.

The VSPS Migration Program will gather 20 participants – social activists, young journalists, promising politicians and representatives of NGO etc. –  from Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, who have a proven track record of involvement and engagement within their community, demonstrating leadership potential and a desire to take an active role in positively shaping the world around them.

The VSPS Migration Program is a full-scholarship initiative, covering workshops, materials, certificates, accommodation, meals, flights to and from Strasbourg and partially covering other travel expenses.

  • The goals of the VSPS Migration Program are threefold:to deepen the participants’ knowledge on the issue of migration, develop their ability to identify and solve the complex challenges facing Central European societies, as well as enhance their capacity to shape and strengthen the democratic processes in their respective countries;

  • to share different perspectives on migration between Visegrad Group and Germany and discuss their root causes;

  • to influence the younger generation by conducting meetings with high school students and providing them with unbiased view of the migration crisis, as well as presenting them with a forum to express their own views, doubts and thoughts.

The program is organized within the framework of the Schools of Political Studies of the Council of Europe and the project was supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.