During the session in Cracow, which was held on 11 – 14 January 2018, the participants of the V4 in Europe program finalized the preparations for the upcoming lessons in high schools. Through intensive workshops on non-formal teaching methods the participants enhanced their skills and learned new approaches to conducting successful and productive lessons with teenagers. Provided with all the theoretical and practical information, the V4 in Europe program participants are prepared to try their skills as teachers. They will present the topics of EU integration and the Visegrad Group for high-school students in their home countries.

Moreover, the V4 group had the opportunity to participate in the international conference “Role of EU and NATO in providing peace and security in Europe”, organized by the Academy of Young Diplomats and the Visegrad School of Political Studies at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. The conference gathered over 150 participants, who discussed the future of the European Union, the new security arrangements on the continent and the scenarios for the future. In addition, the conference was an occasion to present the report “’Democracy vs. Security: A False Dilemma” by the Community of Democracies. The conference opened with the panel on the future of Europe, with Dr. Jan Olbrycht, Mr. Christian Davies, Dr. Katarzyna Pisarska and Ms. Joanna Jasińska as speakers. The discussion was centered around the results of Brexit and democratic participation in the reforming and redefining of the EU. We are very proud to announce, that two of our participants – Mr. Gergely Kovacs and Mr. Tomas Dvorak – were speakers during the conference. Mr. Gergely Kovacs, along with Amb. Robert Pszczel, Dr. Tomasz Pugacewicz and Mr. Zbigniew Pisarski, took the floor at the panel titled “NATO in a New European Security Environment”. Mr. Tomas Dvorak took part in the panel “Democracy vs. Security: A False Dilemma” with Mr. Thomas E. Garrett, Ms. Zuzana Papazoski and Dr. Katarzyna Pisarska.

The conference were organized in partnership with the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University, PZU Foundation, International Visegrad Fund, NATO, Council of Europe, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Polen, Community of Democracies, Association for International Affairs (AMO.CZ), Slovak Foreign Policy Association and Hungarian Europe Society.