From February until June 2017, the 16 participants of the VSPS Migration Program will conduct meetings in secondary schools in their home countries: Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The series of courses, titled “Critical Thinking on Migration Workshops“, is a result of the preparatory sessions in Warsaw, Strasbourg and Cracow.  The participants attended various lectures on public presentations, methods of working with youth, countering hate speech and expert-level discussions on migration, which were used to design the scenarios and content for meetings with high school students.

The aim of the Critical Thinking on Migration Workshops is to develop the analytical skills of students over the age of 16, by encouraging to scrutinize news and arguments presented to them. By using the example of the refugee and migration crises, the participants will learn how to distinguish facts from fake news, acquire knowledge of fundamental definitions crucial to understanding the current issues and have a chance to express their own views.

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