The 2017 edition of the VSPS Meets Russia initiative will begin in March. Five participants will attend the Spring School of Diplomatic Skills on 20 – 24 March along with colleagues from over 10 other countries. During the course of the week, the group will focus on developing their communication skills in the following areas:

  • Personal Communication – Public Speaking, Effective Meetings, Written Communication
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Leadership and Team Management
  • Communication in Diplomacy – Public Diplomacy, Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette
  • Negotiations with elements of cultural differences

This years edition of VSPS Meets Russia is once again focused on empowering civil society and will include two standalone workshops (5 – 9 June and September), as well as another group of participants joining the School of Advanced Diplomatic Skills on 10 – 14 July.

More information about the Spring School of Diplomatic Skills is available HERE.