On 28th of May, the second session of the Visegrád School of Political Studies was inauguarated at the Chateau Trnová in the Czech Republic capital of Prague. The second session aimed at allowing participants to expand their involvement in the democratic processes, foster exchange of know-how and strengthen regional cooperation among a new generation of Central European leaders through the lectures and guidance of professionals from the Diplomatic Academy. Milena Vicenová, Permanent Representative of the Czech Republic to the European Union (2008 – 2012) led lectures on both the relationship between the European Union and the Visegrád. The following days included lectures from both Ivan Pilip, former vice-president of the European Investment Bank and current lecturer of international finance, and Hana Lenghartová, independent lawyer and lecturer in international law and negotiations at the Diplomatic Academy. The lectures covered the topics of European Union Finances in Visegrad, and Mediation and Negotiation respectively. The third and final day of the session consisted of lectures on Political Speeches from the Director of the Diplomatic Academy, and the former Czech minister of foreign affairs, and regional development, Cyril Svoboda. The second three day workshop of the Visegrád School of Political Studies ended with a formal final dinner during the evening of the third day.