Following the success of last year’s First International Alumni Seminar which brought together 50 outstanding alumni to explore issues of youth participation in democratic life, it was agreed at the last SPS Directors’ Meeting that such a seminar would be held on an annual basis. The Second International SPS Alumni Seminar will be held in Sarajevo on 25–26 June 2015, in close co–operation with the School of Political Studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Echoing last year’s Alumni Seminar approach, the theme this year will be linked to that of the World Forum for Democracy on “Freedom vs control: the democratic response” (Strasbourg, 18–20 November 2015), thereby providing content to inspire debates at the Forum and preparing the Schools’ contribution to this major event. Against this background, the Second International Alumni Seminar will be dedicated to the theme “Defending freedom and human dignity against internal and external threats”.

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